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 Why Missions???......


The life of the church of Jesus Christ is not to be a mere human organization, but a divinely empowered instrument of God's grace. St. Francis of Assisi is said to have sung : "Lord make me an instrument of thy Peace," which is followed by the well-known graceful prayer of self-giving love. We will miss the power and the life giving purpose of Christian faith if we limit our arena of concern and knowledge to only those persons we live among or meet along our journey. We are called as Christians to love the whole world for which Christ died and was raised to new life.

Grace is found in the body and blood of Christ, given in love for the whole world, all at once. To comprehend the fullness of John 3:16-17 we must grasp the truth that the most important persons are those whom we do not know and will likely never meet. Christ died and was raised to new life for all others just as much as for ourselves and those we know and live among. This grace upon grace, freely available to all. This is the foundation of and moving cause of Christian mission.

The global ministries of the church are the process and methods by which we attempt to be with God in mission among all peoples and in all places at all times. To limit our field of ministry to a particular congregation or any geographic or thematic entity is to miss the limitless power of divinity that is incarnate in the world. Literally, we need to see the world through eyes of faith, observing all that God offers us in every time and place. We must live the truth of John 3:16-17 - living for the whole world. As John Wesley said, "the whole world is my parish," meaning our area of concern and involvement. And for the Church to fully become God's instrument of grace in the world whether locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally, we each need to understand and to state clearly our theology of mission, that is what we believe about the world and God's mission in the world as the purpose of the Church.

By our activities in mission we become signposts of the coming reign of God. The Church in mission is always pointing toward what God has done and continues to do in the world, by leading persons to participate in this grace-filled life. To engage in God's mission to connect the Church as faithful witnesses to the reign of God that is constantly breaking into the world....... 
                                From "Guidelines: Mission Reaching the World"

Jones Memorial United Methodist Church has a long standing history in missions. And we are well known as a church that takes a very active part in missions on many levels. Many of our projects focus on ministry to our local community, but we also take part in missional activities regionally, nationally and on an international level. We welcome your interest and participation in mission activities and we are always looking for new ideas to be of service. If you would like more information or if you would like to be an active part of our missions program please contact the church at 423-624-6073 or you can contact our Mission chair at 423-883-2827.


 ....Missions, It's what we do.