Weekly Verses:

Week of March 26 - Week 51 -Revelation 22:20

Week of April 2 - Week 52 - Ecclesiastes 12:13


I Can Learn the Bible Challenge!! 

We started this journey in April!

In April, the children began to dig deeper into God’s Word, looking at what it really means to “Learn the Word of God” and starting us on a 52-week journey that we hope will lead to some amazing family devotion times.  Each child is encouraged to bring their Bibles to church. If they do not have one, please let me know. We will be focusing on what makes the Bible different from every other book and what it takes to really learn God’s Word so we can better know it, use it and share it. Each child was given a Bible Study Kit, which included a highlighter, pen, bookmark and post-it notes last week. These were given out to help them begin the process of highlighting the verses we have been learning. They will also be given an “I Can Learn the Bible: 52 Week Verses” handout in April, which includes the verses for their challenge.

The challenge will be to look up, read and highlight their focus verse for the week. If a child brings their Bible and shows us their highlighted scripture, they will be able to mark that week completed on our “I Can Learn the Bible” Chart. A great tool to use in your car, on the go, at bedtime, dinner time, etc is the “I Can Learn the Bible: 52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know” book by Holly Hawkins Shivers. This is a wonderful book to help each child understand what each of these verses means to them and to others. I encourage you to take the time to purchase this book and do a family devotional time each week.  These are truly life changing conversations  !!  This book can be found at ibooks, amazon, lifeway, etc. The cost is around $ 10.00. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Each child will receive a certificate with the number of weeks completed at the end the “I Can Learn the Bible” Challenge.

Try a 14 day devotion with with Bible App... click here for more details and/or purchase the book at Lifeway, itunes and amazon.